Team Building Following a Corporate Reorganization

One of the most difficult times to promote employee relations is after a layoff or other corporate reorganisation. Employees feel uncertain about their future with the company and any attempt to encourage them to engage in team building ideas may fall flat. Ironically, the time when team building Sydney is most important is before, during or after a corporate reorganisation.

There is the obvious benefit to the company and productivity. When the workforce is reduced, it may require a shifting of work assignment or requiring additional duties of existing employees. However, the most important thing for employees at this time is that they feel appreciated, and understand their role within the company.


Team Building Following a Corporate Reorganization is as important as any group training program, choosing the right activity or event is essential.

Be Honest, Break the News Gently

One mistake that some managers make is to ignore the problems by pretending they do not exist. When employees are not sure exactly what is going on, they will generally assume the worst. This technique breeds more gossip and uncertainty, which further hinders workplace productivity.

One effect of this secrecy is constant pressure on middle management because they are being bombarded by employees looking for information. While some information does need to remain confidential or may be uncertain even to the executive staff, employees need to know about what is going on within the company. Projections can be shared that will give a better idea about their future.

If people are talking about the problems that led to the situation, things can change for the better. Employees feel valued when asked for their opinion. When employees feel supported, they will also feel invested in the company.

Look for Common Ground

As mentioned above, informed employees are invested employees. Team building ideas that involve employees will confirm their positions and give more encouragement that their futures are secure. Management and employees must work together more closely during the tentative times surrounding corporate downsizing. Looking for any common goals helps individuals understand the position of management and vice versa.

Knowing that both parties are interested in securing the future of the company creates an equal playing ground. This can also produce some great new ideas about how to run the company with limited staff or less efficient equipment. In these sensitive areas, it is a good idea to choose activities let individuals and groups see the situation from a different perspective. Whenever possible, role play and problem solving activities have been useful team building Sydney tactics that increased workplace relationships and productivity.

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