Team Building for Introverts

Nothing is as anxiety provoking for an introvert as being forced into a room with virtual strangers and made to play along in one of the latest team building ideas that the company has cooked up to build morale.

Because the mere thought of entering the seminar or meeting is scary, introverts tend to build the situation up in their minds and make it much more potentially damaging than it actually is.

By nature, introverts are more than just quiet souls who like to keep to themselves. They are thoughtful people who prefer to stay within their thoughts than to express them openly.

Sometimes there may be insecurities behind the reasoning, but mostly the personality traits are simply ingrained characteristics. In order to facilitate effective team building ideas, organizers must be able to work with all the personality traits within the room.

Recognize the Personalities

Team building Sydney recommends that facilitators scan the room as participants enter and try to determine from their body language whether they may be extroverts, introverts or somewhere in between. If possible, participants can complete a short questionnaire before the event, perhaps online and have the results sent directly to the facilitators. Some organizers like the element of surprise and prefer to learn according to the icebreakers and general conversation within the room.

Beware of Conversations

Generally speaking, when there are more than ten people in the room, there is also more than one conversation happening. This can be especially uncomfortable for introverts, who may not know what to do when impromptu discussions pop up. If they do not know other employees in the room, the results can be especially awkward.

Facilitators need to be able to judge how much extra conversation should be tolerated, and when to rope in the secondary chatter. Understanding the fine line between useful and unproductive conversations that are happening outside the scope of the team building exercises is an essential trait for effective facilitators.

Part of any corporate team building is the ability to enhance not only employee relationships, but also personal relationships. This can be accomplished through diligent efforts on the part of each attendee and also the facilitator. Likewise, employers who request the team building Sydney efforts need to have clear goals in mind so that they can create a workable plan toward results. It is also important to follow up with the facilitator and employees after the initial team building efforts to determine the success rate.


Team Building for Introverts is all about focus on choosing the right group training program, at Teambuilding Australia we offer over 40 fun team events.

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