Team Building In Action

In Action – Team Building and corporate training cover any styles of activities and programs, keeping teams active is essential in experiential learning, as the take aways are far richer when a team has engaged through action learning. Our programs are fun, yet rich in key learning’s – flexible but still adaptable to meet any clients expectations. In action refers to our process of being hands on in our technic of facilitation, always alert in offering advise and debriefing what we observe.

In action team building facilitates hands on immediate feedback to teams in situations that simulate real workplace environments and experiences. The facilitator takes on a neutral role, passing on debrief points when appropriate and always in consultation with a client.

Time and budgets always play a key role in clients decision making process – so we have been able to offer clients options, so they can choose the most suitable program, in their budget. Taking action on key outcomes in the now is essential for teams to deliver in the future, doing nothing is not an option if problems are evident.

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 Key Components of Action Learning Team building:

  • Collaboration and cooperation in groups
  • Leadership skills delivered
  • Communications and Styles of correspondance
  • Resource / Time Management Teamwork
  • Strategic Planning and Risk Taking Goals
  • Forming and Executing plans efficiently
  • Team collaboration and synergy
In Action Teambuilding Action
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