Team building in Style

Team building in Style

Catwalk Capers is a reality Teambuilding Australia program which focuses on fashion design and presentation of a key messages to a chosen group of ‘customers’. Ideal as a conference activity, perfect for sales teams, easy to adapt and design around any group size and location.

The teams compete with each other to create the outfits using set materials, and theme. Their designs are judged and as with any fashion show, given feedback from the critics.

* The program is not location or time dependent.
* All physical abilities can be involved – no restrictions.
* Not Weather dependent – indoors.
* Fully tailored to a companies requests such as a values or products.
* A two part program that can incorporate pm and evening.
* Interactive in both the making and the evening session.

The challenges include to creating a garment from non-traditional materials, such as recycled materials or items from a grocery store, or using the ‘clothes off their backs’ or designing for a certain person, ie the CEO or senior Mgt team to model! With the inclusion of music and a stage (optional) teams parade their values to the audience. Of course the press and Paparazzi are shooting too, this is saved and edited post program.

From 2 hours to half day and evening, the Catwalk acts a great way to get sales team express and really step out.

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