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So we are soon entering 2023-24, what trends and ideas do we see emerging in the corporate training and team building field.

One key area will be unique activities tailored to a client – after all every customer is unique, with different needs, outcomes etc so many of our team building activities are new and dynamic, with scope to add outcomes and bespoke to clients ever changing demands. Stay on top of the news by clicking on our Blog, free updates on trends, topics, new programs and useful advice. Team Building News aims to be an updated communication tool where clients can see what other businesses are focusing on, current trends in training and development with groups and teams, new products, whats making wave and new ideas.

Team Building News


The latest news in the team building training and learning fields, is the actual ROI (return on investment) where clients are asking, how does the group development activities anchor the learning required?

Now, given the right venue, run either indoors or outdoors, or even a mix of the two, we can tailor the session to address any clients demands and outcomes. Flexibility in our design, allows us to create the program that best delivers group interactions and learnings. Whats important is for clients to ask for our advise, experience and best session or activity to engage the learning. Recently a useful article was written and published in UK –  The Daily Telegraph  this covered some really key info and pointers for anyone looking at running, organising or facilitating a Team Building Event.

Whats making news in the team building world:

  • Programs with real de-brief and qualified experienced facilitators – ask before you buy!
  • Real life scenarios that relate to workplace issues.
  • Quick, shorter timed programs.
  • Energetic Facilitators – not Army Sgt Majors!
  • A mix of thinking, problem solving and challenges that test a teams ability to perform under pressure.
  • Creative and different activities.
  • Buzz topics will be: Collaboration, Inspiration, Core Values and Beliefs.

Above all else clients want us to be ‘Enter-trainers’ where we not only present learning’s but we deliver team-building events in a fun, light hearted and engaging way.

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