Team Building proven to work

Team Building proven to work

Experiential team activities / learning is an effective way to quickly and effectively provide training with lasting, real results. A major 1998 study of training programs offered in a large corporation demonstrated the superiority of experiential training methods, such as team games, activities and problem solving puzzles. The programs that used experiential methods resulted in twice as much improvement in performance, as rated by supervisors and peers, as did the other programs. Furthermore, the return on investment for the experiential programs was seven times greater (Source: L. Spencer, in L.J. Bassi and D. Russ-Eft, eds., What wWorks, ASTD, Alexandria, VA, 1997?

Teambuilding Australia has had many years experience in corporate training and designing team activities, in fact we deliver over 150 programs or events per annum, so by now we know what is a proven success in getting teams to perform at their best. All teams are different, but if they ask the right questions and take a realistic appraisal of themselves – they too can go from being a good team to being a great team.

Team Building proven to work really are activities and events that link to the business the participants on the program and the team cohesion on the day.

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