Team Building That Employees Will Love

Human Resources specialists will not want to miss the team building ideas that actually get results and foster open communication. Too often, when a memo is distributed announcing a new team building exercise, employees groan out loud and may even contemplate calling out sick the day of the events or meeting. Team building Sydney does not have to boring, lame or unproductive. There are ways to draw employees out of their workplace shells and let them have fun while reinforcing corporate vision.

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Ice Cream Social

Everyone loves ice cream! Team building ideas that evolve around food are often successful. The participants who complete surveys after team building Sydney events are usually happier and more impressed when food was served. Combining food and an activity that requires team effort will undoubtedly be a hit. Some team contests may include building the highest sundae. Teammates will continue to add scoop after scoop of different flavored ice cream until the whole pile topples. The team with the highest ice cream tower wins.

Creative Writing

This team building activity can be implemented many different ways. Traditionally this team building Sydney original works by passing out a notebook to each employee and has them write one journal entry. The entry can be about any topic in the world, with the only exception that it cannot be based on real life, accurate history or anything factual about the common workplace. In this version, employees are asked to write the article at the beginning of the session, before any other icebreaker activities take place. Then, as the meeting progresses, the instructor collects the journal entries and mixes them up. After the initial icebreaker, or at any other time during the day, the instructor passes out the journal entries at random. Then the group works together to evaluate the ideas in the journal and try to guess who wrote each one.

Round Table Discussion

Sometimes there is nothing easier than simple team building ideas that encourage people to speak openly and freely, without any risk of reprimand or judgment. In the workplace that security can be missing and people learn to not say anything throughout the day. A professional mediator or corporate life coach can assist by facilitating these discussions, preferably when there are no members of executive management in the room. This meeting is not a way to bash the company or any of its employees, but is a way to share ideas in an open setting.

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