Team Building with Style

Team Building with Style – is a  reality Teambuilding Australia program which focuses on team putting on a catwalk show using props and costumes, with a brief that is aligned to a conference theme, company brand and values.

The teams compete with each other to create the best clothes and are usually restricted in time, materials, and theme. Their designs are judged and one or more teams are eliminated to reveal a winning team. Team Building with Style is a great creative team building activity to add some fun, flare and colour into a team event or conference.

Great to get your teams engaged with values and presenting flare! The activity allows teams to present their thoughts and ideas through a Catwalk show.

* The program is not location dependent, perfect to add into a conference or team off site event.

* All physical abilities can be involved, there’s a role for everyone

* Not Weather dependent, great as an indoor session.

* Fully tailored to a companies requests, such as team values, brand, vision or mission, products or services.

* A two part program that can incorporate pm and evening.

* Interactive in both the making and the evening session as an entertaining show.

The challenges include to creating a garment from non-traditional materials, such as recycled materials or items from a grocery store, or using the ‘clothes off their backs’ or designing for a certain person, ie the CEO or senior Mgt team to model!

Highlights include the aspect that teams have a core value or business theme that their creation must embrace. Or the launch of a brand to a customer. The flexibility in the creation of the program, allows us to tailor the program unique to each client and still manage costs.

The Teams are given a limited amount of time to finish each garment (from as short as half a day to two or three hours). Often the Teams  work independently, although on some challenges contestants must work in teams. Once the deadline is reached, the designers must dress their models and select their hair, make-up, and accessories. Each model walks down the runway, and the garment the contestant made is rated by a panel of judges, scoring each dress in a number of categories from 0 to 5.

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Teambuilding with Style
Your team brings the Catwalk to life….Teambuilding with Style


With the inclusion of music and a stage (optional) teams parade their values to the audience. Of course the press and Paparazzi are shooting too, this is saved and edited post program. The judges then interview the designers and share their opinions before conferring as a group and selecting winning and losing designers based on their scores and other considerations.

The program and concept was principally designed to offer clients a new, interactive and very entertaining unique team program. For more great ideas on collaboration, creative and fun team building games CLICK HERE

Teambuilding with Style

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