Team Management Systems

Team profiling with data and results to guide your team along the correct journey.

Teambuilding Australia work with Braodmarc and Pivotal Consulting in designing and facilitating profiling sessions. Team Management Systems is a great tool to really get to understand the space your team is in, along with other tools it assists businesses to get a clear picture and knowledge of its people.



Team Profiling and Personal Systems Behavioural Profiling. The Team Management Profile Questionnaire is an assessment focused on enhancing understanding of an individual’s approach to work. The important factor for any team is get an understanding of its people.

Key Benefits for Participants:

Understand their behaviour and how it affects others.Examine their reactions to other peoples behaviour. Maximize how they can build and use their personal strengths in a team.Adapt their behaviour to create positive outcomes.Adopts a positive approach to differences between people – all profiles are valuable for effective teams and offer diversity in its understanding, which can only be good.







It is a valid and reliable instrument that works and is widely used to ensure its credibility. Included is an individual access appraisal on line, with a report per person. Also consider MBTI and Belbin profiling sessions.

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