Team Movie Making

Team Movie Making – your team gets to create a Hollywood Movie!

Team Movie Making

Without doubt the best team program ever…thats what our clients repeatably quote and say to us. Why? because the program is flexible, not limited to location or time frame, can cater for any size team, easily is adaptable around teams key messages and outcomes, incorporates a huge team building factor, allows anyone to participate and above all, is fantastic fun. Team Movie Making engages every one in the group.

So with training and guidance from Teambuilding Australia’s camera experts, actors, script writers and make up artists, groups create a short two to three minute Hollywood Blockbuster, where the teams are the stars.
With editing and a few touch ups, the action can later be revealed on the big screen, where a night at the Oscars commences, complete with trophies and red carpet. One the most creative and interactive team building programs in Australia, Team Movie Making will make stars out of every team, the red carpet awaits all.
We include all costumes unique per team, props and a make up artist to add nice to the teams performance. Facilitators assist teams in planning and acting advise and tips on creative teambuilding approaches.
The finale, can either be at night over dinner or drinks, but involves a screening ceremony of the teams creations, live on the big screen.

Any location, any time and any group size
Any time frame from 1 hour – to all dayTeam Movie Making is flexible. Great for a conference or product launch etc.

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Everyone becomes a star in our Team Movie Making Event

   Movie making team building activity.

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