Team pop stars

Team Pop Stars meets X Factor – Combines team building and a musical song contest into a fantastic program of entertainment

In this sensational team challenge program teams are required to choose, produce, and sing from one of the great music classics. No one misses a beat in what turns out to a hugely entertaining afternoon that concludes with an evening show where teams present their songs to standing ovations. Your teams are allocated time to prepare and rehearse their chosen song as well as to choose costumes and perhaps organize some choreography. Teams can perform live on stage, or you can have the teams filmed and then screened back in the evening at dinner.

Both options include awards and prizes, plus a dvd post-production of the teams performances. We supply everything from costumes unique to songs, playlists for each song, even instruments so all can be a Pop Star!

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to encourage your groups creativity and team effort! In Team pop stars everyone is engaged, with roles for all. We can also allow teams top perform their song live on stage, or record on dvd to show at night – but either way the special pop star judges will cretique each team on performance, ability and skills.

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