Team Survivor

With all the drama of ‘Survivor’ this fun filled program creates a very high level of participation,  fun, competitiveness and integration. A few twists make Teambuilding Australia’s Survivor program a group activity with all involved, too the bitter end!


The merger of groups in the Survivor Challenge is a fantastic feature, as groups must integrate with each other as they absorb new people.  After each round, teams that miss the cut, are voted off! Yet the team member are placed into the existing teams, keeping all involved with new teams emerging. Incorporate a special finale where all teams come together for the final major challenge.  This brings the program to an end of celebration and applause!

Survivor is a powerful way of bringing people together as teams dissolve and merge.  No one is left out. There is a wide mix of challenges to do, some require a good deal of imagination while others will require plenty of team determination and communication.  There will be a good mix of challenges some being less physical allowing those with different talents to shine through.

Typically one exercise takes 15 minutes to complete.   This will allow for a number of team rotations.  Advantages of this program are that its Indoors or outdoors, loads of fun and will break up the conference nicely and re energize a group.

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team survivor


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