Team Trivia Challenge

The Team Trivia quiz with a difference!

This is a team trivia challenge, is a night activity with a difference in which teams will be required to solve puzzles and riddles, use lateral thinking, and draw on all their reserves of general knowledge in order to come out on top. This event can be customized to help reinforce key messages or themes. The games are a combination of the best interactive participation games, and even include a few unique arounds to key players on their toes.

Trivia rounds can offer sequentially, or simultaneously to accommodate large groups and enhance entertainment. No one is left out, with rounds created to address all in the room. Theirs creative quiz rounds, music and video, even a price is right round. Over the years we have added many new rounds, but clients always ask us for more – so we have extra rounds available on the night, nothing beats a good finale – team vs team.

We have teams competing and cooperating through building objects, picture rounds, music, history, who am I etc. The Price is Right round is the grand finale, where teams have to guess the prices in order to obscure items.

This is an ideal activity for after dinner, or to energize your group before an evening lecture.

Location: A private room or function facility

Trivia Nights with Flare, Fun and Laughs!


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