Teambuilding adds value to any team

Teambuilding adds value to any team. What characteristics make a good team? Initiative, trust, flexibility, empathy, leadership, or effectiveness?

These characteristics are not the hard skills of industry or management expertise: most are attitudes rather than skills. Successful team players are defined by the way they relate to their team individuals, and the way in which they interact across a broad range of skills bases. Teambuilding Australia, focuses its programs on offering choice to clients, to pick sessions that best fit the business, team and individuals.

In fact 80% of what makes a good team member is determined by these positive attitudes, and only 20% by the specific job skills they possess. So why does industry spend around 80% of its training budget on developing often short-lived skills which need updating on a regular basis?

For any real value to be gained from team building activities or development initiatives, you must be able to get colleagues to recognize a whole range of contributions made by different team members…

One of the best ways of bringing about this recognition is to get the team away from the office environment. Putting groups of people together in new, fun or unusual settings, in which they depend on each other’s individual strengths and attitudes – A team building program, facilitated correctly, addresses this key area of individual contributions in a different environment.

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