The Apprentice

The Apprentice is Ideal for teams that want a fun learning experience in 1 hour or more.

This program asks delegates to demonstrate what it takes to win a customer`s business. Each group interacts in a new customer market and is required to come up with a solution. They will need to use all their skills, creativity, and ingenuity if they are to succeed!

The Team Apprentice - teambuilding activity





The Team Apprentice is a fast paced customer centric team activity wheres teams are competing to win a key piece of business off a customer, only one team can win and take the prize of being truly customer focused. For the finale is teams discuss and discover some the different approaches they took to solving the customers need.

This activity is perfect as an initial team event, or as part of a program to anchor the key messages around your business. With a focus on building rapport with your customers (internal and external) plus also looking at teams approach to needs of the customer and understanding try centric approach.

Great for teams wishing to highlight rapport and customer centricity, vision and the illustration of a teams core values.

Teams can optionally create a product launch through a TV commercial or night show for even more fun!

The Team Apprentice gets a team to win a customers business through a series of activities that involve being customer focused and addressing their needs. A powerful learning tool from 30 minutes to a few hours.

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The Team Apprentice is a great team building program with many learnings about your group.


The apprentice

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