The Leaders Retreat

learn and lead

The Leaders Retreat. Combines leadership and team building with the great outdoors for a fantastic experience!

Developing skills as both leaders and team players pays dividends for years to come. Our The Leaders Retreat programs focus on some simple principles and guiding factors that create leaders to manage and guide teams along the journey in their businesses. Our leadership team building retreat incorporates the best of our current popular team activities and sessions.

This program is focused on enhancing and developing leadership and teambuilding skills through unique outdoor activities as well as leading edge tools and theory. We use a number of challenges, such as abseiling and rock climbing, navigation and map reading, overnight camps and trekking to remote locations. Ideally a two day experience, escaping the office is a good starting point, with an additional night in a comfortable accommodation as a celebration is a perfect finale.

Teambuilding Australia develops a program in consultation with you and the design follows. Through a series of meetings we help you to create a custom leadership solution. The Leaders Retreat can be designed to incorporate any theme or outcomes.

The Leaders Retreat in Australia

No two retreats are the same, and you will certainly be pleased with the results and feedback from your group.

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