The Pirates Dilemma

A Swashbuckling team building Game – of Missions, Tactics and Planning

 Pirates Dilemma

The Pirates Dilemma is a powerful team illustration game – indoors that last for 2 hours, offering excellent team interaction, themed options and rich learnings. Perfect as a conference team icebreaking session, or as an indoor team building activity.

Teams need to successfully plan and partake in a mission in recapturing gold stolen from the Queen by the Pirates. All teams are successful, but some are more successful than others. And, what is emphasized is the overall results of the group rather than individual teams. A great program that is fun, engaging, and easily accessorized with themes of sailing and the islands.

Teams play fast and furious and allow a great deal of collaboration between teams in a theme of optimisation. Fully facilitated by Teambuilding Australia, the music and video, props and costumes only add to the wow factor.

What is valuable is how effective the exercises are in generating insights and discussions about the choices that people make and the issues surrounding leadership. Their simplicity makes the issues of systems and processes for communication and information sharing very obvious. Thus, they link well to organizational change issues, Total Quality Management or Six Sigma, etc, plus has a strong shared vision and demonstrate the benefits of planning and collaboration.





The The Pirates Dilemma! exercise supports experiential learning and interactive discussions about:

Collaboration in groups
Leadership – when is it required?
Communications and Styles in teams
Resource Management Teamwork and working together to achieve more.
Strategic Planning and Risk Taking amongst all.
Forming and Executing Objectives
Team interaction and sharing.

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