Video Scavenger Hunt

Video scavenger hunt gameWorking in smaller teams, each team must record all the items listed on the scavenger hunt list within a set time period. The teams are given a video camera, or use a smart phone and just ten minutes of video time to complete the challenge. Great for a fun team conference kick off event or a team staff day. Great in the city, as a lunch time team activity as an escape from the office.

Teambuilding Events and ActivitiesTeambuilding Australia provide all equipment and MC the event with awards, trophies and prizes. Teams get to present their creations on the big screen. Team receive the brief and need to allocate there resources in the allotted time to complete the mission – ideally with 2-3 hours and using only the equipment provided. Collaboration and team development are a key focus in the activity.

Using video cameras or apps on devices teams receive ongoing instructions streamed to them via WhatsApp or text messages. These include key locations and a task to complete and film. Each team is given the same time frame and additional props, plus costumes appear en route. Facilitators assist groups with additional challenges and reward teams with extra info and equipment. Planning and team collaboration, skills and allocating roles all play a part in winning the prize.

CONTACT US to discover how Teambuilding Australia can tailor this event and bespoke the content to meet your teams outcomes and objectives…just ask.

Team Building Australia Activities

Total Time: 1-3 hours (depending on the purpose of the challenge)

  1. 20 minutes to brief and set up
  2. 60-120 minutes to achieve outcome
  3. 30 minutes to playback and review

Suggested Learning Outcomes

  • Problem solving
  • Leadership
  • Strategy
  • Cooperation – Collaboration in and across teams


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